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I really hope you and your family are in good health and safe at home, we are living an unprecedented sanitary emergency all around the globe, ever since we have been providing service to the ocean enthusiast, back in 1989, have seen such a global pandemic like this one.

We have been through some of the toughest hurricanes in the Caribbean, economic crisis and the H1Ni swine flu, and yet, it´s effects where not as profound in the tourist industry as this worldwide silent hurricane of COVID19.

However, I have faith and look in to a better future; we all know this crisis will eventually pass; at present times, we have to focus in prevailing, survive in a literal way, to rice again as better people, better to each other, better to our only home, planet earth and it inhabitants.

To get there, we need solidarity, to extend our hand to the more needed, to share a little.

Diving Adventures Cozumel is launching a support campaign to help the people that work on the dive and tourist industry here in the Island.

We are aiming to collect founds for food, water and medical materials to help our community.

Therefore, when traveling is safe again and the big pool open´s up, we all be ready to serve and show you the best Cozumel have to offer, it´s pristine waters, amazing reefs, and friendly people.

As we have the privilege to know both ends of the rope, you, the ocean enthusiast and the hand labor that serves and makes it happened.

From the mate, to the captain on board, to the dive master and instructor below the water line, to the one behind the scene, like fiberglass and boat repair folks, mechanics, electricians, security guards at the marina, the guy that fills the tanks, etc.

We at Diving Adventures Cozumel want to contribute with our time and effort to reach out and make the difference.

Please take a moment and contribute with us to help those who have less in this critical time. 


Felipe Romo & Family



Best Cozumel Diving is away from the cattle boats, so we can enjoy the tranquility of the reefs, that is what we like to share with you.

Our dive boats are safe, fast & clean; our staff has more than 30 years experience, they know their way around above and underwater.
We offer PADI diving courses at all levels, from a Discover Scuba Diving to Divemaster, and different diving specialties like, NITROX, deep, night, drift and more.

We want you diving, snorkeling & fishing with us this year & the next & the next……

If you have a dive group, family vacation, newly weds or solo traveling, just fill out the CONTACT FORM and drop a few lines to let us know how can we help.

Sunset Trip

Looking forward to share Diving Adventures with you.

learn to dive


Learning, getting better, growing, taking it to the next level; we offer a wide variety of PADI scuba diving courses.


great team


Our captains, Instructors, and Dive Masters are some of the most experienced on the island and know all the reefs.


Island reefs


Cozumel’s reefs are world renowned among the best in the world.



best service


Personal professional service, is our main point in a no rush mood, respecting our marine environment.

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We offer a wide variety of services, for you to have a great and fun experience!

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